The Benefit of Balance

At EBMS, we recognize that a balance between work, family, and community is essential in sustaining good health and wellbeing.

We lead by example, constantly innovating to improve the Benefit of Balance to our own organization so that we can extend it to our clients, members and partners. Just as one side of the scale is balanced on behalf of our employees and customers, so is the other side balanced with the ever-improving fiscal health of our company and the companies we serve. Each benefits the other in perfect balance.

As a strategic healthcare family, EBMS designs balanced, holistic solutions to create stronger health and wellbeing for the individuals, organizations and communities we serve.

Through technology, benefit design, programs to direct appropriate care, communications, and the seamless implementation of best-practice strategy, EBMS, through the Benefit of Balance, has become a national industry leader.

This attention to the balanced care of our employees and customers is what puts EBMS in a league of its own.


When was the last time you were inspired to redevelop your entire way of thinking? When was the last time you worked with a company so motivating it affected the culture and health of your organization and each individual employee within it? Wouldn't it be great to find a company that cares about your business as much as you do? In order to help someone else, you first must be able to help yourself. EBMS constantly is challenging and improving the balance and wellbeing of our organization so that we can better help you achieve balance in yours.


Total wellbeing means something different to everyone. What does it mean for your business? For your employees? And, how does this impact families and your community? We understand each of our clients has different needs and challenges. Our goal is to listen first, then help you achieve equal balance across all integrated components, improving quality of life for the organization, its employees and ultimately, entire communities.


Because businesses employ individuals who have families and live in communities, the arrangement and fusion of these individual tones can create a harmonious result. In an ever-changing industry, we at EBMS work alongside our clients to find a balance and rhythm, which flows from individuals and creates movement of entire communities.


It’s hard enough managing daily workloads without having to decode medical jargon and navigate complicated industry procedures that constantly are changing. We know informed people make better patients, and healthy patients make more productive employees. Here are some tools and resources to translate and simplify the complexities of healthcare so you can be more informed and more productive.


By practicing yoga, a person develops flexibility, core strength, muscle tone, and pain prevention. Wouldn't it be nice to achieve the same results in your professional life? At EBMS, we think of ourselves as instructors, helping our client organizations and customers develop steadiness, strength, soundness and solidity, leading by example and forging new bonds of trust and stability.


We realize a company is made up of many individuals working in a variety of roles and each with his and her own set of objectives to help the business succeed. Like a rising tide floating all boats, our services are designed and customized to reflect and harmonize with these objectives, providing equal benefits across your organization.


It's no secret: The synergy of teamwork produces better results than individuals working independently. How much more effective could you and your employees become if you had a team of experts working to assist you with communications, and providing you with access to emerging technologies and educational resources? With these assets, could you outperform your current results? Working with the talented team at EBMS, the answer is a resounding Yes!


At EBMS, we embrace the opportunity to be different. We question what has been, challenge traditional processes, and design unique solutions for each individual client, renewing trust, stability, and overall quality of life for the organization and its employees. Being something special is a choice, and this choice has become our proven rhythm for success.