Just for Brokers

At EBMS, service isn’t the cost of doing business. Service IS our business. Customized and personalized customer service is where we shine over the competition because it’s what we know we do, best!


In contrast to insurance companies, ASO carriers, and other third party administrators, EBMS creates unique solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, including your clients, allowing for greater flexibility and customization.

We understand your challenges and are committed to bringing innovative solutions and added value for you and your clients. Through our process-driven approach, EBMS can support your work with dedicated resources:

  • Access to experts in claims administration, value-added plan designs, self-insuring, stop loss, and care management.
  • Cutting-edge programs and technology to assist in their oversight of the client’s health plan assets.
  • A team of legal experts to keep you updated on the latest legislative impacts and trends for your clients’ health plans.
  • Sophisticated, detailed, and user-friendly reporting so you can service your client with analysis and recommendations based on current data mined from our claims system.

    As a broker, you have a responsibility to connect your clients with a reputable partner that builds client discovery into every interaction; and, from that information, designs holistic, customized solutions that best suits the client, and contributes to the enhancement of the organization.


  • miRx

    miRx mail order pharmacy (Brochure, Website) is a fast, convenient way for you to save time and money by having your maintenance medications delivered to your home or office. By choosing miRx pharmacy, you are able to receive up to a 90-day supply of a lower cost, FDA-approved prescription drug. Every prescription is evaluated and filled by highly trained, registered pharmacists who ensure the quality, quantity and potency of the medication is accurate before it is mailed. To make certain there are no adverse interactions with other prescriptions you may take, the pharmacist references your patient profile which lists any other medications you are taking. When necessary, our pharmacists will contact your doctor with any questions or concerns.

    What prescriptions are covered?

    The program covers any drug which by Federal law requires a doctor’s prescription and is covered by your employer’s benefit plan. Please refer to your plan document for specific drug inclusions and exclusions. Due to specific handling requirements, some prescriptions will not be available through miRx Pharmacy. These prescriptions include insulin and most specialty pharmacy drugs. To identify whether miRx will carry your maintenance prescription, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 866-894-1496.

    View List of Maintenance Medications Available Through miRx

    How to get started

    If this is your first order with miRx, you must fill out the Patient Profile and Prescription Order Form. It is important to make sure that you update your patient profile form each time you have a change to your prescription/medical history.

    Complete your enrollment today!

    Download the Patient Profile and Prescription Form.
    Download the Prescription Transfer Form
    Learn how you can take advantage of the convenient, low-cost maintenance prescriptions available through miRx!
    New! Click here for online refills.
    For additional questions, please call the miRx Pharmacy at 866-894-1496.

    What is miCare?

    miCare is an onsite clinic sponsored by your employer. The miCare clinic allows employees and their dependents (covered by the health plan) to make 20-minute appointments with no waiting, no paperwork, and no hassle - just care, when you need it. The clinic is staffed by MDs, PAs or FNPs, and licensed nursing staff.

    Sign me up! How do I make an appointment?

    Employees can login to the miCare online scheduler from their personal account on miBenefits. Just click the LOGIN link in the upper left and complete the short registration to access miBenefits. On your personal home page, you will see the miCare logo.

    What types of services can be received at miCare?

    You can schedule 20-minute appointments to receive the same primary care services available at other Family Practice clinics including:

    • Wellness/Annual Exams*
    • Sick Care
    • Chronic Illness
    • Injuries
    • Health Education/Consultation
    • Lab Tests
    • Preventative Screening
    • Annual Health Risk Appraisal/Follow Up

    *When scheduling annual exams, please book two back-to-back appointment slots (total of 40 minutes).

    For same-day appointments you can also contact your miCare Clinic through the miCare website.

    Take a Virtual Tour

    The Affordable Care Act contains benefits and responsibilities that can be quite burdensome for employers. EBMS is here to assist! Utilizing our legal expertise and advanced technology, we’ve developed an ACA Management Tool to remove confusion from the process. This ACA Management Tool can be used to track and manage eligibility, automate and distribute IRS required reports, model costs and risks, and help you avoid fines and penalties!