COBRA/HIPAA Administration

EBMS considers COBRA/HIPAA Administration as a dedicated line of business. We provide full-service administration and employ dedicated professionals who are certified in these areas of expertise.

COBRA Administration

COBRA Administrative services include: initial notification upon enrollment; event processing; response processing and tracking; enrollment processing; premium billing and collection; eligibility and grace period tracking. EBMS offers these services to clients currently enrolled in health administrative services. We also offer this as a “stand alone” service for clients not utilizing our health administration services.

When clients purchase COBRA administration services, EBMS sends COBRA notification letters and election forms to qualified beneficiaries and/or dependents by certified mail, whenever a qualifying event occurs. This information outlines their COBRA rights and obligations. It also includes a payment schedule for total monthly premiums due.

For qualified beneficiaries who elect COBRA coverage, EBMS will send confirmation letters and payment coupons. Our COBRA staff will collect and process monthly payments from those beneficiaries, and answer any benefit questions those individuals might have.

Our COBRA staff will also inform qualified beneficiaries of health conversion rights at the proper time during the COBRA continuation period (if applicable), and maintain accurate reports of all COBRA-enrollees.

HIPAA Administration

HIPAA Administrative services include: accepting, verifying and applying creditable coverage for new employees; HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Review; HIPAA Privacy and Security Training for clients. Providing certificates of creditable coverage upon an employee’s request or termination from the plan; EBMS will also complete random verification of information listed on incoming HIPAA certificates, as part of our fraud detection efforts.

HIPAA Compliance Review and Training

EBMS has a dedicated in-house HIPAA Compliance Officer who works closely with clients to ensure that the group health plan meets all HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations. The Compliance Officer will provide web-based or on-site training for our clients.