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EBMS serves customers beyond developing customized health plans. Let our experts help you navigate the complexities of healthcare reform. Look to us for guidance as you meet the changing healthcare needs of your workforce. Join us as we make strides in the healthcare transparency movement. As Montana’s first third party administrator for self-funded health plans, we’ve served hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. for nearly four decades. Connect with us to learn how you can become a part of our legacy.

We lead by example, constantly innovating and incorporating the benefits of balance within our own organization so that we can extend it to our clients, members and partners. Just as one side of the scale is balanced on creating better health and wellbeing for our employees and customers, so is the other side balanced with the ever-improving fiscal health of our company and the companies we serve. Each benefits the other in perfect balance.

As a strategic healthcare family, EBMS designs holistic solutions to create stronger health and wellbeing for the individuals, organizations and communities we serve. Through technology, benefit design, health management programs, communications, and the seamless implementation of best-practice strategy, EBMS transforms the health and wellbeing of each client’s workforce, and through this, has become a partner of choice for companies around the nation.

Employers & Brokers:

To learn how EBMS can design a customized business solution to enhance the health and wellbeing of your organization, please email or call us at mibenefits@ebms.com, 406-245-3575, ext. 1257; or, 800-777-3575, ext. 1257.

To request a quote, schedule a site visit to our Billings, Mont., corporate headquarters, or to request a follow-up from our sales team, simply use the form on this screen. An EBMS representative will contact you promptly, and we thank you in advance for your interest in our company!