EBMS employs a talented team of over 300 benefit experts and healthcare professionals, all working toward a common goal; positively impacting the health and wellbeing of each person with whom we connect.

Uniquely Different

Although we’ve been called a Third Party Administrator and have excelled to become one of the nation’s leaders in that role, what we really are is something uniquely different.

We’re investigators, searching our clients’ business environments for patterns of good and opportunities for improvement.

We’re inventors, engineering new benefit programs based on the individual needs of clients, rather than expecting all to fit the same mold.

We’re innovators, comfortable existing in the world of “that’s never been done before,” when others in the healthcare industry are comfortable only with what has always been.

We’re coaches, leading by example and building strength and coordination in our clients so they continue to grow long into the future, using the foundation learned through the process.

And finally, we’re chefs, combining a variety of ingredients, including industry partners, technology, innovation, and strategic thought, to create something of substance and nutritional value for each member, business, and community.

EBMS Services

  • Medical/Dental Administration
  • Care Coordination/Medical Management (UR/Case Management; Disease Management, Wellness, High Risk Pregnancy Program, Tobacco Cessation)
  • Value-based Design
  • miRx: Pharmacy Benefit and Mail Order Service
  • miCare Onsite Medical Clinics (Website)
  • miCare Onsite Medical Clinics (Download Brochure)
  • Stop Loss Insurance Programs
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Eligibility Administration (online enrollment & consolidated billing)
  • COBRA & HIPAA Administration
  • Consumer Reimbursement Account Administration (FSAs, HSAs, HRAs)
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Online health management tools & other resources
  • Health Fair & Wellness Campaign Assistance
  • Benefits & Health Consumerism Communications
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Customized Member Communications
  • Creating Healthy Communities