EBMS enjoys a nation-wide reputation for proactive innovation. With corporate headquarters in Billings and regional offices in Portland and Denver, EBMS has achieved national prominence by staying true to its simple core value of offering the highest quality of customer service.

EBMS employees have become catalysts for change as they pursue growth through learning and offer suggestions for ways customers can do more with less. Each member of the organization is in constant pursuit of ways to enhance the overall experience, with the goal of anticipating (and exceeding!) our customers’ expectations.

Whether the client is making the move to EBMS; or, like our very first client, has been a loyal customer for over 30 years, the beat of EBMS can be heard through the testimonials of health plan members, satisfied clients and providers, alike.

At EBMS, we go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, but don’t just take our word for it. Learn what those who know best—our clients—have to say about us.


After less than stellar service from her company’s prior administrator, Vicki understandably was concerned about the implementation process with her new support team at EBMS. With only two weeks to complete the transition, and a few thousand miles separating Vickie from her new EBMS account manager, Billie, Vickie braced herself for conference call introductions and what she assumed would be impersonal emails, much like the experience she had with her former administrator.

What Vicki didn’t know, however, was that impersonal service never was an option for Billie, who looked forward to face-to-face meetings with Vicki, regardless of the time crunch. Making a few adjustments to her schedule and recalculating flight plans, Billie quickly was on a plane headed Vicki’s way.

Within a week of Billie’s first visit, Vicki’s employees had received their ID cards and Vicki was confident the rest of the transition would run just as smoothly as it began. Vicki was relieved to see that the old days of impersonal interactions were about to be replaced with nothing short of excellent service from Billie and the EBMS team.

At EBMS, our service doesn’t end at the sale. Service is what we sell. It’s our commitment to deliver exemplary service to every client, no matter the distance. That’s our passion and it’s what we do best.

After all, flight schedules can change, but good service never should. At EBMS, we go the extra mile—or, as in Vicki’s case—miles, to ensure the transition is easy.

When Mark came to work the day his company was putting on a health fair, he expected to get his blood drawn, receive his employer’s incentive for attending, and get back to work. After all, Mark was in his mid-30s, wasn’t overweight, and felt healthy.

What Mark did not know was that his employer’s Wellness Program, administered by EBMS, was about to save his life.

When a nurse at the health fair repeatedly took Mark’s blood pressure, only to receive an inordinately high number each time, he advised Mark to leave work immediately and to head straight to the emergency room. After numerous tests, Mark was diagnosed with an enlarged heart valve—a potentially life-threatening condition.

Today, Mark treats his enlarged heart valve with medication and monitoring by his physician; however, had it not been for the health fair, he never would have known about his condition. With the help of Mark’s EBMS Wellness Coach and his primary care physician, Mark is on the road to becoming as healthy as he actually feels. He’s eager to share his story and we’re happy about that, because our passion is helping people and we’re committed to helping others just like Mark—one health fair at a time.

Jeff knows a little something about teachable moments. As a first-year teacher, he witnesses them every day with his students. As the new man on the job, Jeff has experienced a bit of a learning curve himself, including how to access the valuable health benefit programs offered by his employer. Between grading papers and parent-teacher conferences, the last thing Jeff needed was a health plan he couldn’t comprehend and did not know how to use.

When our EBMS Client Service Representative, Jennifer, realized Jeff was a new enrollee with the plan, she decided to share her common passion for teaching and used the opportunity to create a teachable moment with Jeff. Jennifer gave Jeff all the information he needed to be able to better understand his plan and how it could work for him. By the time Jeff was off the phone, he understood how to use his Flexible Spending Account and his Preventive Care Benefits. He even knew which in-network providers he could call to schedule an appointment, and discovered how to check his most recent claims data on EBMS’ innovative online platform, miBenefits.

Now, thanks to that first phone call Jeff made to EBMS, he’s committed to seeing his primary care physician on an annual basis, and we’re happy to report that he’s in perfect health. After all, we want our teachers to remain healthy so our kids can do the same. All it takes is a little, well, education.

Stephanie’s passion is skiing, but when she broke her arm climbing an Alaskan wilderness ski trail, she was concerned about the financial ramifications of her accident. With only her income to lean on, she was certain the bill headed her way would create a significant hardship for her. With the Christmas season quickly approaching, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

What Stephanie didn’t realize, was that her health plan had her covered year-round. Thanks to her employer’s coverage, Stephanie received top-notch care and was left with more than enough to buy all her Christmas gifts. And, despite the unplanned interruption to her season, she even got her Christmas cards in the mail on time! (We know, because she sent us one.)

Inside the card, Stephanie thanked us for our prompt, no-hassle service, which allowed her to get back to what she loves. (Our pleasure, Stephanie!) We get that, because our passion happens to be service, and we’ve made a commitment to provide nothing short of excellence when it comes to helping all our members get what they need and get back to their healthy lifestyle. Not just around the holidays, but every day.

So, ski on, Stephanie, ski on. We know the winter snow lasts a while in Alaska and we’ve got you covered.